35 mm Film Developing

35 mm film is the most popular type of film. Whether you are just new to film or you have been shooting film for decades, B&W Photo Lab will develop your film with the highest standard of care. Our film processing is archival; this ensures that with proper storage your film will last for hundreds of years, preserving your images in a way that digital technology cannot. We enjoy working directly with our customers. If you are new to film we are happy to answer any questions you may have.

Manual Processing

Using a manual dip and dunk film processor allows us a greater ability to manipulate film developing than most other methods. We offer push/pull services at no extra charge, so if your film has been under or over exposed we can help to correct it by shortening or extending the film developing time. If you are not sure the extent of over/underexposure we can do a clip test. This is when a section of film (usually 5 or 6 frames) is cut off your roll and developed separately to check the exposure to determine how much adjustment is required in the developing time.

Delivery Options

Once your film has been processed you have a number of different services available. You can opt for develop only with your negatives uncut, or you can request a contact sheet. Your film is cut into strips of 5 or 6 frames and placed directly onto an 8×10 sheet of photographic paper and exposed then processed using traditional photographic methods (enlargers, trays of chemicals). Custom printing is also available on either RC or Fiber paper. We do not offer 4×6 machine prints.

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