Historic Preservation (HABS / HAER / HALS) & Historic Document Preservation

For HABS – Historic American Building Survey and HAER – Historic American Engineering Records and HALS – Historic American Landscape Surveys, we offer archival film processing and printing that meet the requirements of the Heritage Documentation Programs.

We work with architects and photographers from Maine to Hawaii to provide fast affordable service. 4×5 sheet film is only $6.00 a sheet for developing and an 8×10 fiber contact sheet  (4 full frame negatives per sheet) is $30 per sheet.

Using a manual dip and dunk with nitrogen bursts for agitation allows an exceptional degree of control, not only of the density of the negative but by varying the intervals and the intensity of the bursts we can control the contrast. The stop bath, two fixer tanks and hypo clear get constant agitation from compressed air followed by a 30 minute wash in an eight gallon tank for each rack of 5 sheets.

We are aware that these projects involve a long process leading up the actual photographing of the site. At that point the customer is frequently in a hurry to make sure the documentation is completed so the project can move forward. If you let us know when to expect your film, we always try to prioritize HABS / HAER jobs.

Here is a list of photographers we have worked with on Heritage Documentation projects.

Heritage Documentation Photographer Directory

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